Magic #2
10"w x 20"h


I entered this piece into the Heritage Fall Fair 2006 and it won a 2nd place ribbon.

 Thanks to Suzanne for making me aware of this poem which I fell in love with.

I used 90lb Arches HP watercolor paper. Wrote out the quote using Dr martin's Bombay ink and an Italic variation style lettering. My 1.5 Parallel pen was filled with Teal and I dipped the nib alternately into yellow and magenta. I've been practicing my swashes... I then painted the ink bottle and stand using diluted versions of the colors and adding silver leaf decorations. Wrote the name of the poem as an ink bottle medallion with the authors name etc as part of the design on the bottle. I then masked out the quote and bottle and lightly spritzed with Moon Glows Burnished Brass & Golden Doubloons. I used a brown Zig marker to outline the text bubble.

Words: Oh, a bottle of ink       a bottle of ink     what could be bottled up in a bottle of ink    Princes and ponies and pirates and bees    pixies and brownies and magical keys    lions and tigers & ladies and knights     colorful peeps at most marvelous sights     witches and giants and fairies and fays heroes who lived in far away days   More wonderful things than you ever could think    all bottled up in a bottle of ink. Blanche Jennings Thompson (published in "A Book of Joy")

The larger image at left was spliced together so there are some color value changes.

Close up details below.


Needless to say the color is off in this image.

It has a white mat and a Designer Metal Frame "Light Bronze"