Life #1

Image Size: 8" w X 7" H 
Matted Size: 12" w X 11" h

These were done for one of our Guild Gallerias "The Same But Different" I used the Van Gogh quote in a horizontal and a Vertical page layout, as well as a design layout. The Life #1 was my first try and the one I like best. The backgrounds for both was something I learnt in Christine Ahmad's class. Dripping paint from one side while the paper is on a tilt, when not too runny turn the paper so the bottom is the top now and do the same process again. The paints will merge into each other to create really nice negative and positive spaces. I used several shades of browns and yellows.  When everything was dry. I outlined the lighter sections with a Dr Martin's gold ink. I used colored pencils to write the words as well as color in some of the lettering. The words repeat both in the box frame and the block. The word LIFE is "Pointed Brush Lettering" recently learnt in a class with Kathy Guthrie done with a mini black Pentel pocket brush pen. I outlined the box frame with the gold ink on the 1st Life and did a thick gold border on the 2nd one. The mats are different because the 1st life is more yellow and deeper dark brown whereas the 2nd life has more golden & reddish browns.

Life #2

Image Size: 7" w X 9" H 
Matted Size: 10" w X 12" h


Words: The way to know life is to love many things. Vincent Van Gogh

Life1a Life2a

Detail Life #1    &     Detail Life #2