Image: 9"w X 9"h 

I used a Fabriano Artistico CP watercolor paper and with a wet on wet application using Ecoline Liquid watercolors (Ultramarine Violet, Deep Yellow & Bluish Green) dropped colors randomly and tilting the paper allowed them to merge. I need more concentrated color areas for the word "letters" to show up. That was done with an empty 6.0 Parallel Pen and water and dabbing the letter to remove the underlying color. When dry I shadowed each letter with some Bleed Proof white ink. The "I Like" was done with various nibs and Twinkles H2o's Interference Green. The text was done with the Bleed Proof and a quill nib.

Text: When learning a new style, there are always some I hate. Well here's a bunch quite frankly I really love to make.

The various type of letters on the bottom are done with a 2.4 empty Parallel Pen dipping it into some gouache (heliotrope) with floating gold powder. The Copperplate letters on either side of the text are done with a Nikko G nib and the same gouache but my nib also dipped into some Bleed Proof first.



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