TG Alphabet Challenge March 2023

Created: January 25, 2023
Modified: March 14, 2023

Tamer Ghoniem's challenge was to create 1 letter per week starting with minuscules

I'll be making all the letters on a 3.5" sq of heavy weight Fabriano 1264 Mixed Media paper which I will then bind...




ID: "wk 10 - "j"

Calligraphy markers in red and green.


ID: Wk 11 - "k"

Calligraphy marker in Cabernet with gold gel pen details.




ID: wk 12 - "l" (laugh)

I'm finally doing some funky lettering... using various w/c brush pens. adding dots with a Uniball Signo white gel pen.

ID: wk 13 - m (magic)

continuing with funky lettering/words using watercolors. Gansai Tambi gold for the dot.




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