18"w X 10"h 

Our Guild Galleria theme for April 2007 is called "Frame" and we each got to pick one of these small frames which were made from discontinued frame sample moldings.

 I used a piece of stretched canvas and applied abstract 3D floral designs with a palette knife and acrylic paint. Let that dry then covered the whole thing with  Utrecht's white gesso. Let that dry then applied my green and silvery gold backgrounds blending areas with my fingers and painting the side of the frame. 


ImagineDetail 1a

I used Rose D's technique of the gloss medium on white tissue paper and coloring with color wash. I used this long piece of sculpted paper to thread through the frame and to lean and hold my 3D letters. I also used a piece to write my quote and glued it to the inside of the frame, putting some extra tissue paper behind to give it a bit more stability. My frame is glued down with Golden's extra heavy gel medium.

I created my letters from cream colored Stonehenge paper, scoring, folding and gluing to get the 3D effect. Then sprayed them with Moon Glow's, some dirty Twinkles water and some concentrated Walnut ink.

I punched out a bunch of Sakura flowers, the large in a white heavy textured mulberry paper and the centers from some of my recent marbled paper.

You can see the glassine look of the tissue paper and how I wrapped it around the edge of the frame as well as my embossed peace sign, which was done with a piece of left over tissue paper and embossed with UTEE Pearl embossing powder several times.


ImagineDetail 1b

ImagineDetail 1c

I wrote the text with a green Zig marker.

Quote: Imagine no possessions, I wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger, a brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people sharing all the world. John Lennon "Imagine"


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