ID: Illuminated Letters T, V & Y

Created: January 7, 2021

The Edmonton Calligraphy Society had Leslie Winakur give a lecture on the history of Illuminated letters and then a brief demonstration. So thought I'd use a bit of what I learned... 


On Stonhenge paper drew my letter then inked with Holbien Prussian Blue sprinkled with Schmincke gold powder Painted in the letter with Calligraphica Crystals "Blue Electric" and the background area with Kuretake Gold Mica ink.



On 110# Staples white cardstock drew my letter then inked with Kuretake Vermilion Sumi ink. Doodled with Holbien Prussian Blue gouache sprinkled with Neuberg Ebel fine silver powder. Filled is some of the areas with Kurtetake Silver Mica ink. For the text I sprinkled the Prussian blue with Schmincke gold powder.


On Stonhenge paper drew my letter then inked with DeAtaments Document ink Dark Red. Painted the background and doodled with with Holbien Terre Verte gouache sprinkled with Schmincke gold powder. Added accents with Kuretake Gold Mica ink. Lettered the rest of the word with a Roundhand #4 nib

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