ECS April 2021 Challenge

Date Created: April 10, 2021
Date Modified: 

Edmonton Calligraphy Society puts out a challenge to it's members every month. This month is take a quote and do it 3 ways... 

I did the piece originally for the Scribbled Live wk 14 challenge and thought I'd do it for the ECS Challenge as well.

I'm taking a ZOOM class with Barbara Close on Italics, and our 1st week's homework was to manipulate the pen to make borders and things beside practicing what we learned in class...

Quote: The past, present, and future walked into a bar... it was tense.

ID: Wk 14 - Grammar Joke - It Was Tense
size: 12"h x 9"w

On Bee Super Deluxe Paper wrote out the large words using a 6.0 Parallel pen double loaded with various colors of Holbien gouache. The smaller words with a 2.4 Parallel pen and Sumi ink. Graphite shading in the large words.

ID: Grammar Joke - It Was Tense #2
size: 7"h x 7"w

I used the bullet tip of a black Zig Writer then outlined the letters with a Uniball Signo gold gel pen on white Staples 110# cardstock. Painted with various brands of watercolors.

ID: Grammar Joke - It Was Tense #3
size: 8"h x 7"w

On white 25% cotton calligraphy paper and using a 2.4, 3.0 and 6.0 parallel pens with Sumi ink wrote out the quote in an Italic style. Bordered them with a black Zig Writer then created the borders around the boxes with various colored calligraphy pens.


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