Image Size: 14"w x 8"h
Matted: 19"w x 13"h


I took a class with Connie Furgason in May 2006 "Watercolors & Italics" and this is a direct result from that class. It's very different from my normal work.

I used Arches 140lb HP water color paper. I wrote the word "DREAMS" using a very concentrated walnut ink solution and a 6.0 Pilot Parallel pen as a dipping pen. When dry I used water and a round brush and streaked across the letters (it picked some of the walnut ink and spread and diffused it. When that was dry I turned my page 90 degrees so the strokes of the letters were like lines on a page now, and wrote the quote using only water and blotting slightly to pick up some of the excess walnut ink/water (one word per stroke of each letter). When that was dry I turned the page right side up again and with a dark brown Zig marker scribbled my quote again. I did that again but using a gold gel pen, then did a rough monoline with the  brown Zig marker. The main lettering for the quote was done with a 1.5 parallel pen again like a dipping pen. I used red FW acrylic ink and dropped in some gold pearlescent at the bottom of each letter while it was still wet. When everything was dry I scribbled some bronze Dr Martin Acrylic Ink. I used a beautiful textured cowhide brown mat (it doesn't show up well in this pic)

Quote: The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt