Image: 8"w X 10"h 
Matted: 11"w X 13"h

Created: April 15, 2008

I used a Grumbacher All Purpose paper. Used a folded pen and Ecoline Liquid watercolors (Deep Yellow, Vermilion & Light Green) for the swash and the word "Color". Used Chartpak marker to transfer my box of Crayola's.

My text was done with two sizes of Parallel Pen, a 2.4 with Moon Palace black ink & a 6.0 with Higgin's Eternal black ink. The nibs were allowed to get grungy so the ink didn't flow out as freely, giving it a dry brush look. I used a very free pointed style of Italic for the text and the word "Dreams" in Neuland.


Matted with a bright red mat


Quote: Color! what a deep and mysterious language, the language of Dreams. Paul Gauguin

This piece was done for our Guild's Galleria
Theme: A picture with words


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