Charcoal - No, No, No, Not Me!
Size: 8"w x 5"h

Created: November 11, 2021

I'm taking a 2 day online Zoom class with Rachel Yallop using Compressed Charcoal and Conte de Paris pencils. Interesting but dirty work...

The "N" is from a handout in Carl Rohr's class (P69)  which I fell in love with. I love that squiggle...

Our Guild's (BVCG) is having another ZOOM Galleria in January and the theme is "In Your Own Words". Definitely not my favorite topic...

On Strathmore Calligraphy Wove Finish paper (has a slight texture). I used a 4.5 Parallel pen and deAtremantis ink (Magenta Red/Gold) ink and the compressed charcoal 4B medium for the shading and my finger to blend and a bit of a very large paper stump. Used the edge of an eraser to create the diagonal lines and upward stroke. Added a diamond shaped iridescent rhinestone.

These are my words to explain how I feel using my own words... done in an Italic style.


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