CalliArtOfCom1a CalliArtOfCom1c

Calligraphy "Art of Communications"
Matted W 12" x H 15"
Image size: W 8 1/2 x H 10"

Calligraphy: Two toned Italic lettering and decorative outlining done with acrylic and pearlescent inks on white Stonehenge paper.
"the art of" : Various tones and colours of gouache for lettering and floral embelishment, outlined with acrylic ink.

The main wording: Italic lettering is done in purple acrylic ink 

"beauty": Italic lettering outlining and inner floral embellishment in purple acrylic ink. The inner letter is pale pink pearlescent ink.

"power": Blackletter lettering in the same purple as above.

The cross hatching around the artwork and the decorative outlining of the main word gives an embroidered open work look.

Mat: Hand painted with a pink toned pearlescent acrylic ink.
Frame: Good quality gold metal frame.