Caffeine 2
Image Size: 8" w X 11" H 
Matted Size: 11" w X 14" h

This won an honorable mention ribbon in the 2006 Calgary Stampede contest. 

Sorry but, the framed image on the right is darker and has a bluish cast, but it shows the dark brown mat I used and the Light Bronze metal frame.

I used Arches 140lb HP watercolor paper. Prior to doing the background I masked the coffee beans and the saucer areas. The background is several layers of a concentrated walnut ink solution which I wiped after each application to give a very light glazing effect. When dry I removed my masking. I used several layers of colored pencils that produced a very heavy end result for the coffee and the beans, and shading only for the cup/saucer. I used Dr Martin's bleed proof white for the lettering which is "Uncial".

Words: I don't have a problem with caffeine, I have a problem without it.