Alphabet Sq Knot Booklet - 
Decorated Letters Q - T

Created: July 3, 2022

I created a beautiful hand bound booklet with a wire edged square knot binding (see HERE for booklet descriptions etc) and various colors of Stonehenge papers. Adhered hand decorated marbled papers on the covers. I decided to fill it with various styles of decorated letters

This batch is a hodge podge of styles.

Using water downed Sumi ink or Bleed Proof White and a Zebra G nib, created the letters adding various floral images and some flourishing. Prisma colored pencils, Gansai Tambi gold paint and Blue paint, Daniel Smith watercolors, Prisma colored pencils, graphite or Pastel shadowing, glitter, and tooling.


Kuretake Gold Mica ink and Pointed nib. Painted with Kuretake "Gem" watercolors 


Micron pens, Winsor Newton watercolors 

Kuretake "Gem" watercolors, Bleed Proof white ink, Pointed pen doodles

FW Pearescent Ink "Macaw Green", pointed pen, Kuretake "Starry" watercolors, shadowed with a pastel pencil.



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