Blackletter Majuscules A-O & P - Z
size: 8.5"h x 6.5"w

Date Created: May 20, 2020
Date Modified: May 23, 2020

Each time I see one of the letters written by "parissurteil" on Instagram, I say to myself I have to play...  and I finally did... Love his brush blackletter caps.

I'm not creating all the letters from the same family, but rather the ones I like best - so it's a mismash of styles.

On Arches Text Wove and using a 6.0 for most of the letter and a 2.4 for some smaller details. Letters A - G were done using Bister inks, the balance done with Ecoline inks. Ecoline Gold dropped in tothe wetness. Shadowed with a 4B graphite pencil and blended with a paper stump.

The "G" bothers me a bit, needs to be rounder on the bottom. The "N" needs to be a bit narrower... the "C" could look like an "e" if it wasn't in amongst the other letters sigh - I think I might alter that one a bit, the rest I'm content with. 

On Arches Text Wove and using a Princeton Chisel #8 brush and Ceramcoat by Delta acrylic paints, double loading. Graphite shading.

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