Blackletter Circle - Friendship Is The Only
Size: 7.5"w x 7.5"h

Created: July 21, 2021
Date Modified: 

Tamer Ghoneim is giving free uTube demos, usually on Monday evenings demoing various circular and other shape designs for Blackletter calligraphy. The recordings can be found on Blackletter Foundry. I love his style. In the most recent one he used a purple double dipped into Pearlescent Genesis Green. People who were watching said he should use black and gold for the extra colors... I wondered what red would look like so I created my own...

On Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Vellum surface using a 2.4 Parallel pen filled with Ecoline "Blue Violet" and double dipped into the Genesis green. Created the circles using an EK Success Circle Scissor gadget with a pencil (not available anymore - sorry).

Formula: Write out your text with the nib and in the lettering style you'll use. Measure it and do a radius calculation. (C=2πR) or R=C2π If the length (circumference) of my work is 15", (π= 3.14) so 2π = 6.28. Divide 6.28 into your circumference of 15" and you get basically a radius of 2.4". 

Colored between the letters with a red Zig Writer and a red Pentel Colorbrush pen. Used a Uniball Signo gold gel pen (my favorite). Wrote the quote also in a monoline in the center with a Micron pen.


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