BVCG - March 2021 Lettering Challenge - Week 3

Created: March 4 2021

I usually love challenges and this is another one right up my alley. 

All are done on Stonehenge paper. I used my 3.0 parallel pen filled with Sumi ink then accented in various ways with Prisma colored pencils, graphite or gel pens.

They are all only about 2"high and the longest so far is 4.25"long. When the month is over I will probably bind it in a Flag Book style.


Day 15: Gorilla (accent with: Colored Pencils)




Day 16: Grizzly Bear (accent with: graphite and paper stump)


Day 17: Bison (accent with: Colored Pencils)


Day 18: Caribou (accent with: Colored Pencils)


Day 19: Muskox (accent with: Uniball Signo gold gel pen)



Day 20: Oragutan (accent with: colored Pencil)





Day 21: Polar Bear (accent with: Uniball Signo gold gel pen)


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