BVCG - July 2020 Lettering Challenge - Week 2

Created: June 28, 2020

I usually love challenges and this one is right up my alley. 

Day 8: (Gardening)

Staples white 110# cardstock wrote out the word using a Zig Writer. Used the Kuretake Metalic Markers to create flowers and leaves in alternate letters.  The balance done with the gold marker.



Day 9: (Heatwave)

Staples white 110# cardstock. I used a Simply Simmons Chisel #8 brush. Using my Tim Holtz Glitter Dusters and Bister powders (yellow and red) dusted some on my cardstock. Wet my brush and created the letters (Uncial style). When dry, misted lightly with Tim Holtz Mini Mister (gives a really fine mist). It seems some of my powder stuck to the cardstock giving me a splattered effect...

Day 10: (Ice Cream)

Staples white 110# cardstock. Prisma colored pencils, created my double stack ice cream cone... Strawberry & chocolate - and added a cherry on top - yum. 



Day 11: (Journey)

I love graffiti style lettering... Staples white 110# cardstock.  Drew in my letters using a Zig Writer. Painted with Peerless watercolors. 

They come in approx 4 x 6" sheets of pure color. I cut mine down to 1" x 1/2" and adhered to a large piece of clear plastic (8.5 x 11"), slipped it into a plastic binder sleeve with a piece of paper behind with the names and color swatch for each. Great for traveling with.

Day 12: (kites)

On white Staples 110# cardstock, using a Zig Writer drew my kites and the letters. Colored with Kuretake metallic markers. Added white lines on either side of my letter strokes to make them pop using Bleed Proof white and a pointed nib.




Day 13: (Lazy Days)

On dark green textured cardstock, using a 6.0 Parallel pen and Sumi ink wrote out my word (Foundational style) - added a white gel pen highlight.



Day 14: (Memories)

On white Staples 110# cardstock, using a B-1/2 nib and Sumi ink wrote out my word. Outlined it with a Zig Writer. Doodled around it.

I remember doing something this style eons ago... and then someone from one of the Facebook groups I belong to did one and it brought back the memory...


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