BVCG - April 2020 Lettering Challenge - Week 4

Created: April 3, 2020
Modified: April 4, 2020

I usually love challenges and this one is right up my alley. 

All pages are 5.5"w x 4"h and the accordion length is 38.5" plus the tab at the end to attach to the next accordion... on Arches Text Wove paper.

I was playing with double loading with watercolors, which I love doing, but hadn't done for a while... so decided that would be great for this last accordion week. There are no duplicates of combos...

I used a Simply Simmons Chisel edge brush - either a #8 or #10 on Arches Text Wove paper. Shadowed the letters with a graphite pencil and paper stump.

Cadmium Red Pale Hue and Aureolin
Thalo Purple and Ultramarine

Manganese Blue and permanent Green #1

Red Rose Deep (Quinacridone Violet) and Winsor Violet

Thalo Green and Winsor Blue (red)

Winsor Yellow Deep and Quinacridone Coral 

Rose Madder and Manganese Blue Hue

Winsor Yellow Deep and Viridian

Rose Madder and Ultramarine Blue (Green shade)

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