BVCG - Feb 2020 Lettering Challenge - Week 4

Created: February 17, 2020

I usually love challenges and this one is right up my alley. 

ID: "Vacuum"
Size: 6"w x 7"h

I'm using a Lyra water soluble GRAPHIT-KREIDE 6B pencil on calligraphy paper. I use my x-acto knife to cut away to create the flat edge pencil. (Kerri Forster from our Guild showed us this trick). I then shadowed it with  the pointed end and then a Prisma colored green pencil.


ID: "Wellness" 
Size: 5.75"w x 7.25"h

I used a Copic Wide extra broad R27 pen on 110# Staples white cardstock. When dry doodled with a white gel pen.


Size: 6.5"w x 6.5"h

I'm using a tool I really like (Manuscript Lettering Pencil Holder for flat lead refills), it comes with these colored leads. I started each letter with the graphite lead and then worked the colored leads on either side of that on white 110# Staples cardstock. When done, outlined with a Micron pen. Ten wrote the text around using a 1.5 Parallel pen and Sumi ink. I couldn't remember from my school days what this stood for so had to Google it... I'm using an upright italic style lettering.


ID: "Yummy"
Size: 5"w x 4.5h

I'm using my Stimudent tool again. I seem to be getting good use from it... and Holbein Gouache "Flame Red" on Staples white 110# cardstock. Used the red Zig Writer for the thin stroke and dots then added a gold gel pen dot in the red dots.


ID: "Zigzagging"
Size: 6"w x 6"h

Drew my design with a pencil then outlined and inked in with the Zig Writer. I saw an image on Pinterest in 2013 which I mimicked in my journal and every once in a while I resurrect it...


ID: "Glowworm"
Size: 6.5"w x 3.25"h

I looked up this word and apparently there's a cave in New Zealand full of them... Interesting images. So thought I'd use my Staedtler pen that has a neon green color to give that "glow"... then added depth at the top section of the letters with a dark green colored pencil on white 110# Staples cardstock.



ID: "Savviness"
Size: 6.5"w x 2"h

Wrote out the word with the 3.8 parallel pen and Sumi ink in n upright Italic style. Added a graphite H shadow and filled in the area between the letter and the graphite with a yellow colored pencil on white 110# Staples cardstock.

ID: "Shiitake
Size: 6"w x 5"h

Dew my mushrooms and colored with Prisma colored pencils on white 110# Staples cardstock. I really like this style of Oriental lettering which I did using a 3.8 Parallel Pen and Sumi ink. When I finished the piece I realized I spelt Shiitake wrong - added an extra "a"...  sigh. So rewrote my word and cut and pasted the mushrooms...



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