BVCG - Feb 2020 Lettering Challenge - Week 2

Created: February 7, 2020

I usually love challenges and this one is right up my alley. 

ID: "Hitchhike"
Size: 8"w x 4"h

A mix of lettering styles (I always get confused between Foundational and Italic, but since this is upright it's probably more Foundational...)  using a flat edge brush and Daniel Smith watercolors on Super Deluxe Bee Paper. Shadowed with a graphite pencil and paper stump.

ID: "Illuminate" 
Size: 5"w x 4"h

I used a gold gel pen to create the thick monoline letters and added Quickie glue to the flames and sprinkled with Stickles dry glitter "Star Dust" on a misc black paper.

ID: "Jagged"
Size: 6"w x 2"h

I love doing this "walking my pen" type lettering using a 6.0 Parallel Pen and Sumi ink of Staples #110 white cardstock.

ID: Knickknack
Size: 7"w x 3h

I thought since knickknacks are displayed on shelves I'd raw one to stand my letters... Drew the 3 dimensional letters, outlined with a Micron .02 pen and colored with Prisma Colored Pencils on #110 Staples white cardstock.

ID: Literally
Size: 5"w x 4"h

Used a 3.8 Parallel Pen and Daniel Smith watercolors on Canson Biggie waterolor paper. Added micron .02 black line and white gel pen dots.

ID: Mammoth
Size: 7"wx 4.5"h

Using Bister inks (Neutral, Mahogany, Brown & Black) and a 6.0 Parallel pen on Canson Biggie watercolor paper. Let dry then sprayed with water to get a nice distressed look. When dry, used the 3.8 Parallel pen loaded with water to write my smaller word. Repeated several times, drying between wettings to remove as much of the Bister inks as possible. Then wrote out my word with the Bleed Proof White.


ID: "Nonnegotiable"
Size: 8"w x 3"h

Wrote out my word using the 3.8 Parallel pen and Sumi ink on 110# Staples white cardstock in an Uncial style. Colored in the spaces with Prisma colored pencils.


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