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Image: 8"w X 11"h 

Created: February 18, 2009

I came across a website a while back where someone had used onion skins on thin paper to wrap a box with. There were various colors of onions used and it stuck in my brain to try one day. Well this month's Guild galleria is backgrounds, so our came the onion skins. After making it I realized the best onion skins to use are the fresher softer pieces not to ones that have aged and become stiff or brittle.

I took a piece of white cardstock and ran it through my Zyron, then started sticking the onion skins down. I only had one type of onion skin (your basic yellow onion). Would have like some red and white, but that's for a later project. Where the skins didn't stick down properly or where I needed to add more skins, I used some Golden's soft gel medium, trying not to get any on the surface.

When everything was dry, I tried a few writing implements on one corner with little success. My Sumi and other inks just beaded up, although the Sumi did work the best. I tried a bit of diluted acrylic paint, but that also didn't work too well. So I went with a Mitchell nib and some Sumi for the word "life" and realized right away, this wasn't going to work. I really wanted to do the quote in an Italic hand, but ended up using a black Identipen, but for some reason, I used the thicker end instead of the thinner writing tip. Too late... I had already started writing. So that too is for another project. But it was a fun experiment.


Life is like an onion, you peel it one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep. Carl Sandburg


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