BVCG 30th - Satisfaction

Image: 5"w X 8"h 

Created: February 21, 2011

It's our Guilds 30th anniversary this year, and we were asked to do something in black & white with maybe max 10 words to describe our feeling of the Guild and nothing that said "anniversary" or "celebrate" etc.

This was not my original idea, but couldn't find my exemplar of the lettering I wanted to do, so settled for this. I'm content with the results.

I recently took a class with Lynn Slevinsky and one of the techniques we did was lettering (brush style) using Cut 'n Dry nibs. Usually one uses non-waterproof inks which I did at first, but wasn't happy with the depth of the lettering, so went to my trusty Sumi ink (and washed my nib out right away).  The first word that came to mind to describe my feelings was "joy", but then decided that was just toooooo short a word, so opted for "satisfaction". I didn't want to write my word all on one line because I wanted to have a more block like feel so that I could do the pressure release letters underneath, which I did with a 5B pencil.

I repeatedly wrote the word "THIRTY", leaving a wide'ish gap between the words to fit my little doodad which I did with a micron pen. One was with "BVCG" and another was done with "30".

I then sponged some Distress Black Soot around the edges.

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