ID: Aug/21 - Day 10 - Blackletter - Much Stronger 
Size: 6" sq

Created: August 12, 2021

I signed up for the Summer Retreat 2021 (mini classes of 100 artists). This was from Day 10, Blackletter Design tutorial with Tamer Ghoneim.

Love his calligraphy and style.

On genoa bond calligraphy paper drew my circles with a Helix circle ruler. Using a 3.8 parallel pen with Holbien Flame Red gouache and dipping into Pearlescent "Genesis Green ink wrote out the text. Micron pen for the interior design work. Green Tombow marker #133 for the inner circle color. Outline with a deeper green #296.

Words: You're much stronger than you think you r. (not enough room for the word "are" so used just an "r"...)

Formula: Write out your text with the nib and in the lettering style you'll use. Measure it and do a radius calculation. (C=2πR) or R=C2π If the length (circumference) of my work is 15", (π= 3.14) so 2π = 6.28. Divide 6.28 into your circumference of 15" and you get basically a radius of 2.4". 




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