Artist Soul
Image Size: 8" w X 11" H 
Matted Size: 11" w X 14" h

This won a 3rd place ribbon in the 2006 Calgary Stampede contest. 

Sorry but, the framed image on the right is darker than it should be, but it shows the double mat (gold inner and white outer) and the gold inexpensive frame.

I used Arches 140lb HP watercolor paper. I used my 2.4 Pilot Parallel pen as a dipping pen into gold leaf adhesive to write the words of the quote in "Blackletter" calligraphy. I then applied red/gold leaf which is a really nice variegated leaf. I then did a swirl type wash with watered down Magic Color in Solar Scarlet. When that was dry I used the same color to give the illusion of dripping paint on the left side. I added some of the same red/gold leaf. On the right side I added a paint brush using Chroma Color red. I put the authors name and title on the brush handle using a micron pen.  

Detail pics below

Words: Every artist dips his brush in his own soul and paints his own nature. Henry Ward Beecher - Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit 1887