Alcohol Inks

Date Created: February 22, 2021
Date Modified: February 28, 2021

Sherry Telle had an alcohol ZOOM demo this past Sunday and it was wonderful. 

She recommended using the strongest colors of Copic's alcohol ink refills. Says it's easy to dilute them but you can't make them stronger... 

ID: Alcohol Ink _ Escape Reality
size: 4"h x 6"w

So I bought 4 refills (Maize, Crimson, Ultramarine and Moss). I used all those colors on this piece, putting drops along a horizontal line. Let dry thoroughly then dropped some 99% alcohol and blew with Tim's alcohol ink blower. I LOVE THE RESULTS...

I then wrote in my quote using a pointed nib and Holbien "Permanent White" gouache. I had to go over the letters a 2nd time because the ink wanted to shrink away from the alcohol layer. I then shadowed with a Micron .03 pen.

ID: Alcohol Ink _ Dreams
size: 4"h x 6"w

So I thought I'd play with my Tim's alcohol inks. I'm not seeing a problem using them.

I used Raspberry, Sail Boat Blue and Limeade. Again putting a line of colored blobs along the horizontal. When dry, applied the rubbing alcohol and blew with Tim's blower. Added a line of alcohol dots giving it a kind of sparkle.

Wrote out the text with a pointed nib and Sumi ink. hen dry shadowed with a gold gel pen.

Quote: Dreams after all are insubstantial things, like mist itself. Stephen King

ID: Alcohol Ink _ Knowledge
size: 4"h x 6"w

Back to the Copic refills (Crimson, Ultramarine). After doing some blowing added Tim's "Gilded Alloy" and continued blowing.

Wrote out the quote with a pointed nib and Sumi ink and shadowed with a gold gel pen.

Quote: Knowledge is soon changed, then lost in the mist, an echo half heard. Gene Wolfe


ID: Alcohol Ink _ Flower, Say Hello
size: 6"h x 4"w

As I was doing all this blowing and seeing the things that could happen I said it would make great flower petals...

So put dots of Tim's inks (Raspberry, Sail Boat Blue), leaving the very center are, then started adding alcohol and blowing outward from the center. And my flower blossomed BIG GRIN. When dry added some green (Limeade) for leaves and yellow (Alchemy Pearls). Added Sharpie seed dots and wrote out the text. Shadowed with Holbien gouache (Pearl White) - not very visible...

Quote: Flowers say hello from the heart

ID: Alcohol Ink _ Scenic - Every Sunset
size: 4"h x 6"w

After creating this piece I didn't like the foreground... so dropped in some a99% alcohol and wiped it to that center streaky color which I really liked. Using my palette knife, dropped some Adirondack "Teakwood" and moved it around until I got a kind of rocky effect. Did the same thing on the right hand side using "Gun Metal" mixative ink. Reinforced the bare trees.

Wrote in my text using a Sharpie pen.

Quote: Every Sunset Brings the Promise of a New Dawn. Ralph Waldo Emerson

ID: Alcohol Ink _ Yellow Flowers, There Are Always
size: 6"h x 4"w

When I did the purple flower above, I had this urge to create daisy type flowers... needless to say, these aren't daisies... (I still get to them eventually). But I really loved they way these turned out.

I put lots of Copic Maize dots all over. Then someButterscotch dots just below the Maize dots. Dropped in the alcohol and blew. When dry added the green elements with Meadow and Limeade. Finally added the linear markings with a fine point Sahrpie pen.

Wrote the quote with another Sharpie pen.

Quote: There are always flowers for those who want to see them. Henri Matisse

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