Sorry these are all sold

Match Book 2009 Calendars
 6.5" w x 7"h
Closed: 2.75" w x 3" h

$3.00 ea (Cdn.) plus
(GST in Canada,
& shipping/handling to Canada & the US of approx $1.00ea )

Modified: Nov 1/08

A These little matchbook calendars are meant more as reminder that something may be happening on a particular day rather than as a detailed event calendar. There are so many times I say, yes that's a good day only to get home and check my larger calendar and see there's a conflict. And that's how these little gems got created.

I used some of my recent paste paper done on cardstock for the covers.

The detail pics show the gluing I used and the one on the extreme right was a prototype. There are a couple that have that type of hot glue to hold the pages together. The one on the left is done with white Tacky Glue by Aleene.

I split each month onto 2 pages and then put a blank page between each month for extra notes.

I also added another strip on the bottom section of the matchbook closure to hide the staples and prevent getting snagged by them.

I rubber stamped the words "Match Book Calendar" onto each cover.

Inside view of a couple of the calendars. Some I left the color of the paper, and some I painted. Each date square is approx 3/8" w x 1/2" h