ATC Rainbow Colors "Indigo": 

Mood Indigo


Turbulent Indigo

ID: Mood Indigo

I painted on Yupo using a mix of dioxazine purple with phthalo green and spritzed with water. I love the way the colors separated. I scratched in the words Mood Indigo and Duke Ellington then filled some of the scratches with some blue.. The Treble Clef and musical bars were done using my rheostat, low watt iron and gold embossing powder. I mounted the Yupo onto a very dark blue cardstock

ID: Turbulent Indigo

 Again I painted on Yupo using the same purple and green, but with more concentration so there wasn't the separation of color like on Mood Indigo. I used a Zig black pen and drew  in the outline of Joni Mitchell. I scratched in her name on the bottom left side. I used a white Souffle pen to write the words Turbulent Indigo. I mounted the Yupo onto very dark blue cardstock.

ID: Indigo Bunting

Only the male Indigo Bunting is a blue color. I used colored pencils on white cardstock. Then wrote in the words with a Zig marker. 

Words: Heh watch out I'm an Indigo Bunting.



ID: Color Of Friendship

This one is a booklet ATC. I used a very dark blue cardstock and folded it in 3 sections. I printed out the story and glued it to the blue cardstock.  I put a blue star brad and attached a paper wire to keep the pages closed. I used colored pencils for the Kersal letter "O" and a silver gel pen for the words. I used a white colored pencil for the title.

Words: The Color of Friendship - Once upon a time the colors of the world started to quarrel then the rest of the story is inside.

ID: "I" is for Indigo

I used white cardstock and painted it with Chroma Color acrylic paint  "Indigo". I painted the Kersal letter "i" with Twinkles H2o's. I added a white outline around the letter to make it pop more. I then wrote the words "is for Indigo" using a white Souffle pen. I added the glittered flower and green leaf.

ID: Just For You

I used a very dark blue cardstock and blue jean material which I cut and sewed to resemble a pocket on blue jeans. I glued the edges down and added flower brads to the four corners. I sewed some lace to a piece of white silky material to resemble a lace hanky, which I glued into the pocket. I glued a hand painted paper origami flower to a piece of wire and stuck it in the pocket.

Words inside flower: Confidence, like art, never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the questions. by Earl Gray Stevens 

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