Bookmarks Watercolor

Created: August 28, 29010
Last Modified: October 26, 2010

These were done on some watercolor paper a friend gave me - not sure what brand.

Fronts & backs were sponged with Distress stamp pads, misted and dried. Not as effective as when done on smooth cardstock, but still OK.

Larger words were done with the bullet tip of a Zig Writter and accented with a white or gold gel pen.  Smaller words with a micron pen. Poinsettias & flourishy border colored with colored pencils.

Stamps on backs are "Kolette Hall" value stamp;  (Quietfire Design) stamp; and the last one is unknown.

Holes were punched and a brownish eyelet inserted and fun fibers attached to each.

ID: W/C Small Pleasures (unavailable)

ID: W/C Joy (unavailable)

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ID: W/C In The Pocket (unavailable)



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