WC & Scenic Art   (June 2008)

Created: June 10, 2008

Modified: May 22, 2009

I did some watercolor backgrounds, ATC size, with friends this past weekend, as well as these food themed ones. Added some text using either a black Zig marker or Dr Martin's Bleed Proof white ink.


ID: WC - Sounds of Night (unavailable)


ID: WC - Birch - Addison (unavailable)


ID: WC - Giraffe (Unavailable)

   Words: Listen to the sounds of the night

   Words: Soon as the evening shades prevail the moon takes up the wondrous tale, & nightly to the listening earth repeats the story of her birth. Joseph Addison

Words: Hey your head's sticking out of my ATC!



ID: WC - Serenity (unavailable)



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