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Modified: February 12, 2010

I must admit, I'm not that keen on the A-Muse rubber stamps. Their stamps are too juvenile and simplistic for me. But it's the 2nd annual A-Muse-A-Palooza event and my rubber stamp store was putting this as our ATC theme for July. I did buy a T-shirt which is great. I've been putting off buying one of these stamps, they're mounted which is a no-no for me, they're not cheap, running around $10.00 for a very small stamp. Well to make a long story a bit shorter, I broke down and bought one (Bridge #7-7067D). AMuse_Bridge  

When I looked at it I thought I could at least use it to make a decorative letter "B". I did more than that as you can see from the ATC's below. The first four are my favorite, but which is my most favorite, I haven't decided yet. I stamped the image for all of them on white cardstock first.

AMuse_OpenYourMind AMuse_OpenYourMindDetail

ID: AMuse - Open Your Mind  (unavailable)

I did multiple images of the bridge (minus the lamp posts) using Color Box Petal Points (taupe color) and Stampendous embossing powder (Peridot). Heat set each section before continuing. Used my Derwent "InkTense" watercolors and a water brush to move the color around. I used my Zig 2 way glue for the circles and sprinkled on various colored glitter. Added a fuchsia faux rhinestone flower gluing it with Golden's soft gel medium. Added the words with a blue Zig marker. Mounted on bright green cardstock.

Words: Open your mind to see


Same as above, except that I used a black stamp pad and black embossing powder and various decorations for the circles. Some are done with the Derwent pencils and moved around with Iridescent medium, when dry topped with Diamond Glaze. Some are done with 2 way Glue and Variegated Red Gold Leaf. Some are done with the glitter and one has a purple faux rhinestone. Mounted on bright yellow cardstock.

AMuse_PatternsEmerge AMuse_PatternsEmergeDetail

ID: AMuse - Patterns Emerge

The next two ATC's are from the same piece of cardstock. I used the black stamp pad and black embossing powder and after coloring in the spaces and circles and adding glitter etc., I cut it up into thin strips, leaving one piece wider for the other ATC.  

I lay down 2 strips of 1/2" Terrific Tape (Quietfire Design) with a narrow space between so my painted strip would land on the edges of the tape. Pressed down to adhere. Sprinkled various colors of embossing powder (a glitter Gold, Sapphire & a Pearl). Wrote in my letters to spell the word "Imagination" using a blue Zig marker. The dots on the "i" are mini faux rhinestones. Mounted it onto orange cardstock.

The 2nd ATC has vertical strips of the painted design and horizontal strips of various colored cardstock. Wove it on a separate piece of cardstock then attached it to the black cardstock. Wrote my quote on and in the inbetween spaces of the horizontal strips with a black micron pen or my white ink mixture and a script nib. Mounted it onto bright red cardstock.

Quote: Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Sir Walter Scott


AMuse_Imagination  AMuse_ImaginationDetail

ID: AMuse - Imagination (unavailable)


ID: AMuse - Sir Walter Scott (unavailable)

For the next two, I used the rubber stamp to make the letter "B". Put a strip of 1/2" Terrific Tape and sprinkled various colors of embossing powder and or tiny glass marbles (I finally noticed what the holeless beads are called). Painted the background using the Derwent Inktense pencils and moving it around with water.


ID: AMuse - Robert Frost (unavailable)

Mounted onto mauve cardstock

Quote: Freedom lies in being bold. Robert Frost


ID: AMuse - Marcel Proust

I used gouache with gold powder floating on top for the words and a couple rubber stamp letters from various alphabets. Then highlighted them with a black micron pen. Mounted on to bright orangey yellow cardstock.

Quote: The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust


ID: AMuse - Charles Dickens

I used the whole stamp on this ATC, overlapping the lamp posts to create a faux chain effect, done with gold stamp pad and gold embossing powder. Offset mounted onto black cardstock. Added my quote with a gold gel marker (that didn't write so well). Mounted onto Gold Metallic cardstock

Quote: We forge the chains we wear in life. Charles Dickens


ID: AMuse - Tuli Kupferberg

I used a rainbow pad and clear embossing powder for this design. Cut it out and mounted it onto the patterned cardstock (thanks Wanda, I'm using another one of yours). Added the two large blue faux rhinestones. Words done with a blue Zig marker.  Mounted on bright blue cardstock.

Quote: When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge. Tuli Kupferberg


ID: AMuse - Chaos (unavailable)

Chaos is exactly what I did with this ATC. I rubber stamped the whole image multiple times randomly, overlapping and just creating a dense background using several pads from my Color Box Petal Point Chalk stamp pad. I had several leftover slivers from the previous ATC's which I just stuck on. Cut the letters out of a magazine for the word "Chaos". Added 3 eyelets and strung some fiber through 2 of them (upper right side). Left the yellow one  (bottom left side) alone. Mounted it on Light Aqua cardstock.





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