"Alpha Uncial ATCs (November 2008)

Created: Nov 9, 2008
Modified: April 10, 2009

The High River ATC Swap had a theme for November to make Alphabetic ATC's, but not your usual "A" is for apple and "B" is for boy. They wanted something that wasn't the trite type. I only found out about this swap the day before, so I rushed to make some, but then in the end I never got to the trade. So now I have more to trade at my other trading venue Paper Pastimes here in Calgary.

I recently went to a class by Georgia Angelopoulos "Uncial" hand. The regular Uncial hand is OK, but nothing that exciting to me, but she taught also a split type of Uncial, which I really like. It has more life to it... So these all use that hand.

The first 5 I did with a folded automatic pen (med size) that I bought from Betty Locke many years ago and really love (have 3 of them in various sizes) and Moon Palace Sumi Ink. When dry added gel pen details on part of the letter. Then added the artwork either by rubber stamping, stencilling or doing colored pencil work. The background colors were done with Pan Pastels. The lettering is all mine except for the "ragonfly" portion of the word which is part of the Dragonfly word stamp and the quote "Each of us", both by Quietfire Design.

The "Q" is done with Ecoline inks and a 6.0 Parallel Pen.

The "G"s are done with Betty's small pen and Jerry Tresser's size and composition red variegated gold leaf. I used Ecoline gold with a Nikko G nib for the words.

Added charms where applicable. Mounted them onto various colored coordinating or contrasting cardstocks.


ID: Alpha - A - Apple

Words: Let me tell you - this ain't no ordinary apple.


ID: Alpha - C - Cat (unavailable)

Words: Cat got your tongue


ID: Alpha - D - Dragonfly (unavailable)


ID: Alpha - E - Each of Us

Words: Each of us has a song to sing


ID: Alpha - F - Frog

Words: I'm in frog heaven


ID: Alpha - Q - Queen

Words: The Queen of Hearts she ate my tarts.


ID: Alpha Gilded - G - Golden Charm (unavailable)


ID: Alpha Gilded - G - Golden Feather (unavailable)

Words: Golden feather from the Griffin's back.


ID: Alpha Gilded - G - Golden Key

Words: A golden key can open every door. Proverb


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