Reverse Peel-Offs  (June 2007)

After creating the second batch of Peel Off ATC's and using those Sticky Stickers, it got me thinking. I don't know if this has ever been done before, at least I haven't found any info on it, but I think it's a neat extension. Why not use the normal Peel Offs reversed. 

So I peeled off an outline sticker and flipped it over onto a scrap piece of paper (sticky side facing up) and applied various mediums to the sticky surface, like Pearl Ex, Perfect Pearls etc. 

For the negative section of that same sticker, I picked it up with a piece of removable tape (or you can use Magic Tape specially designed for Peel Offs stickers). Applied the powdered pigments onto the sticky side of the reversed pieces, then used another piece of removable tape to pick up these reversed pigmented pieces so I now have the positive side of the sticker facing up (the gold or silver etc. of the peel offs).

Note: normally the Magic Tape is reusable, but since I'm applying powdered pigments etc., which also fall onto the tape surface, it's almost impossible to reuse the Tape, which is why I'm using removable tape in this instance.

On the ATC blank, I used a piece of Terrific Tape (Quietfire Design), then stuck my sticker onto this tape. I carefully added glitter or more powders etc, into the negative sections of the sticker, trying not to get anything on the surrounding background tape. For the background tape I sprinkled embossing powders and or holeless beads.

RevPeelOff_ChangTzu RevPeelOff_ChangTzuDetail

ID: Reverse Peel Off - Chang Tzu (unavailable)

White 110 lb cardstock. I used another piece of release paper on my Terrific Tape and then used my decorative edged rotary blade to create the border and decorative edge to the stripe. The butterfly was done with Pearl Ex in a copper and blue tone and copper glitter added when stuck on the ATC. I used black glitter (which is a more matt finished glitter) for the edging. Wrote my quote with a Zig black pen. Mounted it onto Gold Metallic cardstock.

Quote: I do not know whether I was then a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether I am now a butterfly dreaming I was a man. Chang tzu


ID: Reverse Peel Off - Autumn (unavailable)

White 110 lb cardstock. I applied Perfect Pearls in a Copper, Yellow & Olive Green to the leaf and outline. Used the 1" Terrific Tape and stuck my leaves onto it. Used the Perfect Pearls again in the negative areas along with a touch of copper glitter. On the background tape I randomly  sprinkled on some White Gold  & some Psychedelic embossing powder and heat set. Careful not to put too much heat near the stickers. Wrote my words "Autumn Leaves" with a Sakura Bronze Stardust Gel Pen. Used my Koh-I-Noor woodless colored pencils to add a bit of accent to some of the letters. Edged the white cardstock with a Krylon Gold Leafing Pen then mounted it onto Olive Green cardstock.

RevPeelOff_Create  RevPeelOff_CreateDetail

ID: Reverse Peel Off - Create (unavailable)

White 110 lb cardstock.  I applied Perfect Pearls in Pink, Baby Blue & Gold to the seashell and outline. Covered my whole piece of cardstock with Terrific Tape and stuck my shells down. Added more Perfect Pearls into the negative portions of the shell. Rubber stamped the quote "Create Without Limits" (Quietfire Design) with Versa Mark Dew Drops Stamp Pad "Ocean Depth" right onto the sticky tape. Sprinkled clear embossing powder just in the quote area. Randomly sprinkled silver holeless beads and filled in the spaces between the beads with a Dark Blue & Psychedelic embossing powder. Heat set, again being careful of my peel offs. Put a light outline around the negative shell with a Zig black pen to make it stand out a bit more. Mounted it onto fuchsia cardstock.

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