Quilling (September 2008)

Created: Sept 10, 2008

Modified: March 9, 2009

I've done quilling on a few occasions, but never really got into it. Mainly because the making of the coils was very tedious, time consuming and a bit of a pain on the fingers. But recently I took a mini quilling class and used a special tool for creating the coils. This particular tool really helped. Today I went to my favorite paper/rubber stamp store for a "quilling" session. A bunch of ladies were all quilling and showing what they've done. It was a lovely afternoon. Two of the ATC's below are from this session, the other one was done right after the quilling class. I'll be going to more of the sessions and classes. I really enjoy them even though quilling is still very very time consuming.


ID: Quilling - Flourish More (unavailable)


ID: Flourish More Detail

Love making these feather type flowers. I started with rubber stamping the flourish (Stamp It Australia Set #004) with green dye ink. Then added the green curls and the pink flowers.  Mounted it to a pink cardstock.  

ID: Quill - Another Flourish (unavailable)

ID" Quill - Single Flower (unavailable)

This also started with a flourish rubber stamp from the same set as above but it's totally covered with quilling. I tried something everyone seemed to be amazed with. My yellow quilling lines ran diagonally across the paper, so I had to think of a way to get only half the yellow center portion of the flower on either side of the lines. I decided to try cutting my coil in half and it worked. First I had to glue the top and wait for it to dry so it wouldn't uncurl when I cut it. Added the words with an Inkssentials white pen.


This one I did right after the quill class while those leaf shapes were still fresh in my mind. Added the words with a Micron pen. Mounted to bright orange cardstock.

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