Peel-Offs ATCs (May 2007)

Modified: June 1, 2008

Note: Most of the items used for these cards can be found at Quietfire Design website. By clicking on the link you will be taken to a new window, just close that window and you'll be right back here.

Tip: The Peel Offs "Magic Tape" is indispensable for picking up negative portions of the images. It's also re-usable. 

BUT... in a pinch I tried regular Scotch Brand "Removable Magic Tape" & regular "Magic tape" layering one piece slightly on top of another until I had a large enough piece to cover the image I wanted to pick up. I cut the image away from the main sheet, put my tape on top of it and pressed down. It doesn't really stick to the tape. It's only as you're removing the backing and lifting the corners of the image with an x-acto blade that it starts to stick. It takes a bit of

 dexterity and patience. When you've lifted the whole image, transfer it to your card. Careful it really sticks. Both tapes have their limitations, the removable tape doesn't hold the pieces as firmly, but won't stick to your substrate, whereas the regular tape holds the little pieces firmly  but may stick to your substrate too much. You choose...

Note: if you're not able to lift all the small pieces at one time with the Peel Offs Magic Tape, don't sweat it, just pick up what you can, place it where you want and go back and pick up the rest.


ID: Peel Offs - ATC - Mardi Gras

I started off with a piece of white cardstock. Lay down a piece of 1" Terrific Tape, removed the liner, then lay down the Peel Offs mask. I selectively applied the embossing powder, Old Island "Red Dragon" and  DeNami Design "Pearl". Heat set. The Peel Offs are not heat resistant, so I had to be careful. As it turned out, some of the points lifted and curled slightly, so I just glued them back down. Wrote in the words "Mardi Gras" with a Sakura Stardust Red gel pen. Mounted the white card onto red cardstock.

PeelOffs_ATC_DifferentColor PeelOffs_ATC_DifferentColorDetail

ID: Peel Offs - ATC - Different Color (unavailable)

The next four ATCs start with a  piece of white Stonehenge paper. I used Tombow water color markers (blue #555 & aqua #373) and my large flat water brush. I put a few random stripes of each color across the paper, then with a very wet brush, merged the colors. Dried it with a heat gun (I was impatient). I used Lumiere "Halo Blue Gold" for the foliage either painted on or with a tissue, dabbed the paint. They are all edged with a blue Zig marker and mounted on dark blue cardstock.

I cut the silver Peel Offs fish away from the main sheet and used alcohol inks (Lettuce & Stream and Blender). Picked up the outline and placed it on my ATC. Colored in the spaces with Lumiere (Citrine, Super Copper & Halo Pink Gold). Used Sakura Quickie Glue in the spaces of the fins and added white glitter. The bubbles are made with two sizes of hole punches from scraps of the "negative, negative" portion of the alcohol section of the sheet. I used an opaque white paint (Jacquard Neo Opaque white) for the little accents on the bubbles. A black micron pen for the text.

Words: Well, I'm a fish of a different color.

I used the negative portions from the fish above. Picked it up with the Peel Offs "Magic Tape". Used a few copper Peel Off dots from the Mardi Gras set for the bubbles.  Wrote my text with a Micron black pen.

Words: Something sure sounds fishy to me...



PeelOffs_ATC_SoundsFishy PeelOffs_ATC_SoundsFishyDetail

ID: Peel Offs - ATC - Sounds Fishy (unavailable)

PeelOffs_ATC_SmellsFishy PeelOffs_ATC_SmellsFishyDetail

ID: Peel Offs - ATC - Smells Fishy (unavailable)

I kept this Peel Offs fish the original silver. Filled in the spaces with Faux Stained Glass paint (peach, yellow, blue & green).  Used the same bubbles from above.  A black micron pen for the text.

Words: Ewe-ee! It sure smells fishy.

Don't ask me why I used red Lumiere to paint the streaks in this fish. Maybe it was a deep psychological thought to have the contrast between the "go with the flow" and the abrasive color of the fish?? Who knows. That's too deep for me.

Anyway, I used the negative portions from the fish above. Picked it up with the Peel Offs "Magic Tape". Colored in the spaces with Lumiere "Red". Added the same bubbles as before. Text written with a script type nib and various colors of gouache with Schmincke gold powder floating on top. 

Words: Go with the flow.



PeelOffs_ATC_Flow PeelOffs_ATC_FlowDetail

ID: Peel Offs - ATC - Flow

PeelOffs_ATC_SheSells PeelOffs_ATC_SheSellsDetail

ID: Peel Offs - ATC - She Sells (unavailable)

The next two ATCs start with a  piece of Arches 140 lb water color paper. I used my Pentel Color Brushes (Sepia & Yellow Orange). Streaked the flat of the Sepia brush randomly across my paper. Used my big flat water brush with lots of water and started spreading the color, picking up some color from the yellow orange brush to just lay hints across the paper. Used my heat gun to dry the paint (again I was impatient). Edged them with a brown Zig marker and mounted them onto gold metallic cardstock.

I cut the gold Peel Offs shell away from the main sheet. Painted it all over with Lumiere (Halo Blue Gold & Halo Pink Gold). Removed the outline portion and placed it on my ATC. Painted in the spaces with the Neo Opaque white. When dry, colored the spaces again with my white Souffl pen. I like the slight shimmer on the outline surface. Wrote my text with a black micron pen.

Words: She sells sea shells by the sea shore.

I used the negative portions from the shell above. Picked it up with the Peel Offs "Magic Tape". Colored in the spaces with a black Souffl pen which becomes a kind of gray color, so it's not a glaringly contrast. Wrote my text with a script type nib and a mix of the Neo Opaque white, FW acrylic white and some water.

Words: I have the largest collection of seashells. I keep them on the beaches of the world. Perhaps you've seen them. Stephen Wright



PeelOffs_ATC_SWright PeelOffs_ATC_SWrightDetail

ID: Peel Offs - ATC - SWright (unavailable)

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