Friendly Plastic - Patterns

Created: January 1, 2009
Modified:  February 15, 2009

I had fun making these patterns. I recently went to a friend's house and brought some of my Friendly Plastic frames I had made which I was very proud of (still am but...). Well she pulled out this patterned piece similar to the ones below, and I just had to say "Sheesh"

So I went home and tried them and as you can see they worked. Did have a good amount of olive oil on the end of my metal awl before I went and did the patterns into the hot Friendly Plastic. Didn't want anything sticking to anything.


Mounted them to coordinating papers added some words where applicable.

ID: FP Patterns - Patterns We Make (unavailable)

ID: FP Patterns - Tilting (unavailable)


ID: FP Patterns - Red/Gold (unavailable)


ID: FP Patterns - Silver

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