Spider Web Embossed frames

Created: May 30, 2009
Modified: June 12, 2009

I recently got this Dreamweaver brass spider web template that i really love. Made a few things with it already and then I was punching something out with my oval punch and I looked at what I had in my hand and said this would look great as a frame. So I went about making a few more of the webs on black glossy paper and using translucent Dreamweaver paste and then sprinkling with Glitter Ritz micro fine glitter "Warm Nuances". Let that dry and then punched out my ovals, the largest of the McGill 4 size punches.

And if any of you know me I never throw my dirty paint stained paper towels away. I keep them to layer onto cardstock as backgrounds. Well that's what these are. I liked the backgrounds so much I didn't want to put anything else on them... but then I did work in a couple words on each.


ID: Spider Web - Space & Beyond


ID: Spider Web - Space & Beyond Detail


ID: Spider Web - Dare to Dream (unavailable)


ID: Spider Web - Open your Mind

ID: Spider Web - Go with the Flow detail

ID: Spider Web - Go with the Flow

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