Alcohol Ink Backgrounds for ATCs

Created: April 30/08

Modified: May 10/08

All of these start off with several alcohol ink backgrounds. Usually a streaky one mounted to a mottled one. Check out the samples of the various backgrounds I made creating streaks and mottled patterns. Link at the bottom of the page.

I rubber stamped the floral border image (Hero Arts "Floral Borders") using a purple stamp pad and clear embossing powder. Over stamped my Oriental word images using gold stamp pad and Queen's Gold embossing powder. Cut out the shapes (oval and octagon using Evolving Images "Thangs" shapes). Mounted it to a pale pink Bazill monochromatic cardstock, then onto the mottled background then onto the fuchsia background.

These samples are a portion of the full sheet I did and are approx 1.75 " square


ID: Alcohol Background Black #7a


ID: Alcohol Background Black #8a

The "Black" backgrounds all use the same colors (Black Soot, Red pepper, Stream, Gold Mixative and  Blender Fluid). #7a # 8a were done on white Pearlized 80# text weight paper. The tool was streaked over the paper on both sides, so it's reversible.

#8a - I started with all the colors on my applicator, then went in with single colors, first black, then red, then gold with blender fluid each time.  This was the last one I did so the tool had all the previous colors merging on it as well. So it's a more brownish toned background instead of the very distinctive red, black and blue colors that you see in #6d


ID: Alcohol Background Black #6c


ID: Alcohol Background Black #6d

The next 4 backgrounds (#6a - 6d are all done on Glossy photo paper) and use the same colors as above. With #6c, I tried doing a zig zag pattern on the paper (instead of streaks), but I didn't like the results, so I pounced over it, but not all over, so you get very definitive areas. My tool had already accumulated colors from the previous papers, so colors were merging rather than be true.

#6d - This is the first time I used the tool and the colors are really bright and true. Just a pouncing technique.


ID: Alcohol Background Black #6a


ID: Alcohol Background Black #6b

#6a & 6b are just streaked over the paper, but on #6a after the first streaking, I let it dry, and then streaked it cross wise creating a very nice plaid effect.

 This one has quite a bit of blender in it.


ID: Alcohol Background Brown #5a


ID: Alcohol Background Brown #5b

These two are done on the Pearlized Cocoa 80# text weight paper They bothl use the same inks (Butterscotch, Rust, Espresso, Gold Mixative & Blender Fluid). The tool was streaked over the paper.

#5a was the first pass of the felt tool until it was almost dry.

#5b - I added more blender fluid and more of each color to the 1st  pass tool. I also dropped blobs of blender fluid and pounced in those areas again. I love the dark brown edges created this way.


ID: Alcohol Background Pink #1


ID: Alcohol Background Pink #2

The pink samples #1, 2 & 3 all use the same inks (Cranberry, Wild Plum, Gold Mixative & Blender Fluid) on a beautiful 80# text weight Pearlized "Cocoa" paper. The tool was streaked over the paper.

#1 was the first pass of the felt tool until it was almost dry.

#2 - I added more blender fluid to the 1st  pass tool. It gave a very muted streak but the streaks are still visible. In real life the streaks are quite very visible.


ID: Alcohol Background Pink #3

Alcohol Inks on Pearl Paper


In the #3, I pounced my tool to get the mottled effect.



Alcohol Inks on Glossy Photo Paper (this one had more blending fluid than the one on the Pearl Paper)


Alcohol Inks on Pearl Paper


I went to a demo yesterday and there was a technique using alcohol inks I had not seen before. Simple and you would think I would have thought about it, but I didn't. I have always "pounced" my alcohol tool to get a mottled design, which I really love, but this time it was used to "streak" the paper. A totally different look using the same inks.

These green samples use (Adirondack; Lettuce, Stream & Butterscotch and Blending Fluid). Amazing.


Alcohol Streaks on Glossy Photo Paper


Alcohol Streaks on Pearl Paper


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