Cricut  July 2010

Created: July 7, 2010
Modified: Aug 9, 2010

I've been having fun playing with my Cricut. Found this decorative lizard and wanted to cut it out. I've used positive, negative and reversed images. Each Triptych is traded as one.

ID: Cricut Lizard Triptych - Nietzsche (unavailable)

Sookwang tape picked up the negative shape on my mat. Sprinkled Ultra fine glitter Warm highlights and burnished well. Dropped Ecoline inks and dried. Used the positive shape as a mask and sponged Perfect Medium then sprinkled with various embossing powders. Colored the details with a Sakura gel pen. Added the quote with a Sharpie marker. Mounted to a golden cardstock.

Quote: Precisely the least, the softest, lightest, a lizard's rustling, a breath, a flash, a moment - a little makes the way of the best happiness. Fredrich Nietzsche


ID: Cricut Lizard Triptych - Da Vinci (unavailable)

This uses the stencil type image from the cut out. Stamped the brickwork with Distress Rusty Hinge and embossed with various Distress Embossing powders to get a rough brick texture. Put Sookwang tape on the back and brushed on various colors of Perfect Pearls. Then used another stencil as a mask to stamp the decorative details using Versafine Black Onyx. Wrote in my words with an Identi pen. Mounted to a deep cool red cardstock.

Quote: Every part is disposed to unite with the whole that it may escape from its incompleteness. Leonardo Da Vinci


ID: Cricut Lizard Triptych - Leung (unavailable)

This lizard was cut into Sookwang tape. Release paper from the background was lifted and sprinkled with various colors of Distress embossing powders. The release paper from the lizard was removed and brushed with Perfect Pearls. Details colored with a gel pen. Words written with an Identi Pen.

Quote: It's hard to explain to your patients. "You really need that lizard in your tea" Thomas Leung

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